If you enjoy the fast-paced world of car sales and love providing exceptional customer service, please send your applications to Star Auto.

Life At Star Auto

At Star Auto, we value our staff members - and are all treated as family. We strive to maintain a stress-free work environment for our staff, and we offer great benefits and compensation.

1. Sales Representative - Job ID: 2234

Sales Representative- Job ID: 2231


As a Sales Representative you will;

·        Interact and consult with customers to guide them through their vehicle of choice

·        Create the best vehicle buying experience by providing excellent customer service

·        You will track customers using our company management systems

·        Experience in automotive sales is essential

·        Excellent interpersonal skills

·        Open and honest communication skills

·        Excellent organizational and time management skills

·        Essential working knowledge of computers

·        Self-motivated and ability to set and achieve goals

·        Valid and current drivers license 

Send your resume and cover letter referencing Job ID: 2231 to 

Contact: Maria Lui, Administration, 808 944 2886

2. Vehicle Detailer and Grounds Keeper - Job ID: 2241

Vehicle Detailer and groundskeeper – Job ID: 2241

Making a car shiny and clean on the inside and out is the main job of a vehicle detailer. You will:

·        Use various types of cleaning equipment and solutions

·        Clean every part of the vehicle internally and externally

·        Recondition the vehicle’s exterior

·        Fixes minor scratches and chips with touch-up paint

·        Wax and buff the exterior of the vehicle

·        Manage the inventory of cleaning supplies

·        Maintain and ensure all cleaning equipment are in good working condition

·        Maintain and ensure all detailing towels are cleaned daily and dried

·        You must have good attention to detail

·        Good critical thinking and problem solving skills

·        Good time management is necessary with the ability to multi-task

·        You will also need to maintain the dealership grounds

Send your resume and cover letter referencing Job ID: 2241 to

Contact: Maria Lui, Administration, 808 944 2886

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